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We at TractionSquared are committed to the safety of entrepreneurs, their families and their businesses. That’s why we’re working with entrepreneurs to survive and thrive during the current COVID-19 pandemic and move from reaction to leadership through the way their businesses and teams operate. We’re committed to working with entrepreneurial teams to not only maintain their business, but to come out the other side even stronger and more aligned than ever, including offering remote sessions, crisis calls, and a “Survive and Thrive” Mastermind. Call us today to find out how we can help your business remain effective and in pursuit of your vision during these unprecedented times. 

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What Can TractionSquared Do for me?

Professional EOS® Implementation Services and Coaching

TractionSquared is a full-service training, facilitation, and coaching company serving leadership teams of small to mid-sized companies across the Southwest. Our practice is centered around helping others create extraordinary lives through transforming the way people and businesses operate. We specialize in working with leadership teams to implement simple, long term solutions using a proven set of practical tools to achieve traction, creating lasting and measurable results. Call us today to learn more.

WHy is TractionSquared Right for my business?

We Transform the Way People and Businesses Operate

Transformational Experiences

TractionSquared provides a unique approach to business development, utilizing high-touch coaching and encouraging leaders to explore beyond their comfort zones to achieve extraordinary results in their lives and businesses. We want to see our clients experience success beyond the office and into their personal endeavors. 


Masters of Execution

We are dedicated to our craft and devoted to helping you realize your vision and execute on every part of it. Let us help you dream big by creating a powerful, meaningful vision. By driving discipline and accountability throughout your organization, we  help you achieve results. With a history of serving over 200 clients, we have earned a reputation for execution and making audacious goals a reality.

Exponential Knowledge

When you choose TractionSquared, you benefit from not only your Implementer, but over 70 years of combined experience.  With knowledge from nearly every vertical and sector, our team of experienced Implementers meets weekly to strategize on your behalf.  You receive the power of exponential knowledge, hence our name!   


The EOS® training provided by TractionSquared is such a vital part of our organization’s growth and is helping us put in place systems that will allow us to reach the next stage of our evolution.

Jeremy Babendure, Executive Director, SciTech Institute

“I just received 180 days of onboarding in two days!”

Brian Laches, Director of Operations, Elite Roofing Supply

“This stuff really works!”

Bryan Kitchen, VP, EPS Group

“A must have relationship if you are strategizing how to take your business to the next level.”

Scot Andrews, President and CEO, Peoria Chamber of Commerce

“I love Tom’s expertise in EOS®. We started by self-implmenting and have really benefitted from TractionSquared’s guidance. I recommend using TractionSquared from the start to get the most benefit from EOS®–which we’ve imbued into our whole process. Thanks for your help!”

Bill Bice, CEO, boomtime

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