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Here’s what our clients are saying about working with the team at TractionSquared to get in alignment behind their vision and achieve the results they’ve been dreaming of. 

Sarah Weiss – CEO and President – ELITE ROOFING SUPPLY

“How Working With TractionSquared Transformed Our Business in Less Than a Year.”

“Since starting our journey with TractionSquared in April of 2019, we’ve since seen an increase of 50% in revenue and the ability to execute and scale as well.  We couldn’t be happier. We had some concerns before starting that the process would be too difficult to implement in an entrepreneurial environment and, clearly, that has not been the case. We’ve been able to get our leadership team aligned around our vision, created the habit of setting quarterly and annual goals and, most importantly, we now have clear accountability to go along with those goals.

Beyond that, we were able to get people into the right seats based on their abilities and everyone in the organization has a different, healthier way of viewing our daily and weekly work. Our implementer from TractionSquared has been part therapist, part consultant, part mentor, and part coach. Her insight into our organization and ability to make us address the elephant in the room has enabled us to move forward at a pace we would have never been able to do before. If you’re considering EOS, it will be life-changing to your business but feel clunky at first. Become an evangelist about it because your enthusiasm will help get the rest of your team on board and it will show them it’s here to stay.”

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Jeremy Babendure – Executive Director – SciTech Institute

“Setting Our Vision and Solving Issues Once and For All.”


“We started our EOS journey with TractionSquared in June of 2019. Our biggest concerns before getting started were centered around not having a clear organizational structure and accountability with the goals and objectives we were setting that aligned with grants we receive. We needed answers and EOS gave them to us. Now, we have processes in place, an amazing coach to keep us on track, and a format to resolve issues and concerns with the team.


We’ve also experienced the unexpected benefit of uncovering issues we didn’t even know we had while going through the process. It’s clear that TractionSquared is committed to our success, patient with implementing and working to engage with us at every level of need to ensure our business is successful. For anyone considering implementing EOS into their business, I’d say there is never an ideal time to make a change, so you might as well get going today.”

Some of Our Clients and Partners

The EOS® training provided by TractionSquared is such a vital part of our organization’s growth and is helping us put in place systems that will allow us to reach the next stage of our evolution.

Jeremy Babendure, Executive Director, SciTech Institute

“I just received 180 days of onboarding in two days!”

Brian Laches, Director of Operations, Elite Roofing Supply

“This stuff really works!”

Bryan Kitchen, VP, EPS Group

“A must have relationship if you are strategizing how to take your business to the next level.”

Scot Andrews, President and CEO, Peoria Chamber of Commerce

“I love Tom’s expertise in EOS®. We started by self-implmenting and have really benefitted from TractionSquared’s guidance. I recommend using TractionSquared from the start to get the most benefit from EOS®–which we’ve imbued into our whole process. Thanks for your help!”

Bill Bice, CEO, boomtime

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